Mike’s Resume

Mike Daub is an experienced physics and mathematics educator.


  • Instructor
    Triangle Tech
    Falls Creek, Pennsylvania

    Taught mathematics courses.
    TR110: Technical Mathematics/Algebra
    TR120: Geometry/Trigonometry
    CD231: Statics and Strength of Materials
  • Lecturer
    Appalachian State University
    Boone, North Carolina

    Taught introductory physics laboratory courses. Trained and worked with teaching assistants.
    PHY 1103: General Physics I Lab
    PHY 1150: Analytical Physics I Lab
  • Physics Instructor
    Surry Community College
    Dobson, North Carolina

    Taught introductory physics courses, including laboratories. Participated in academic advising and college service activities. Performed routine maintenance on laboratory and demonstration equipment and managed all the physics laboratory equipment on two campuses.
    PHY-110: Conceptual Physics
    PHY-110A: Conceptual Physics Lab
    PHY-131: Physics – Mechanics
    PHY-151: College Physics I
    PHY-152: College Physics II
    PHY-251: General Physics I
    PHY-252: General Physics II
    ACA-111: College Student Success
  • Two-Year College Representative (Elected)
    North Carolina Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers

  • Adjunct Lecturer
    Gannon University
    Erie, Pennsylvania

    Taught introductory physics courses, including laboratories.
    Phys 100: Physics for Respiratory Care
    Phys 101: Physics for Life Sciences
    Phys 108: General Physics II
    Phys 111: General Physics III
    Phys 112: General Physics III Lab
    Phys 218: General Physics Lab for Engineers
  • Assistant Professor PT
    Erie Community College
    Orchard Park, New York

    Taught mathematics courses.
    MT003: Pre-Algebra Review
    MT112: Survey of Mathematics
    MT121: Technical Mathematics I
    MT125: College Mathematics
  • Adjunct Instructor
    State University of New York at Fredonia
    Fredonia, New York

    Taught introductory physics.
    Phys 121: College Physics I
  • Instructor
    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
    Edinboro, Pennsylvania
    Taught introductory physics.
    PHYS 101: Physical Science 1
    PHYS 201: Physics I
    PHYS 301: The Nature of Sound
  • Tutor

    Tutored physics and mathematics online.
  • Instructor
    Erie Business Center
    Erie, Pennsylvania

    Taught mathematics.
  • Adjunct Instructor
    ITT Technical Institute
    Concord, California

    Taught mathematics.
  • Teacher
    De La Salle High School
    Concord, California

    Taught physics and mathematics.
  • Adjunct Professor
    Diablo Valley College
    Pleasant Hill, California

    Taught introductory physics.
  • Graduate Student Researcher
    University of California, Berkeley
    Berkeley, California

    Designed the control and readout electronics for the ACBAR project. Worked five summer seasons at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station for telescope/receiver setup, testing, and maintenance. Analyzed data using Fortran and IDL.
  • Funding Committee Chair (Elected)
    U.C. Berkeley Graduate Assembly
    Berkeley, California

  • Graduate Student Instructor
    University of California, Berkeley
    Berkeley, California

  • Scientist
    Naval Surface Warfare Center
    Dahlgren, Virginia

  • Teaching Assistant
    Pennsylvania State University
    University Park, Pennsylvania

  • Laboratory Assistant
    Pennsylvania State University
    University Park, Pennsylvania

  • Tutor
    Pennsylvania State University
    University Park, Pennsylvania

  • Cooperative Education Student
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Oak Ridge, Tennessee




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