PHY-151 College Physics I

This course is offered at Surry each fall semester.

Course Description

This course uses algebra- and trigonometry-based mathematical models to introduce the fundamental concepts that describe the physical world. Topics include units and measurement, vectors, linear kinematics and dynamics, energy, power, momentum, fluid mechanics, and heat. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the principles involved and display analytical problem-solving ability for the topics covered.
Prerequisite: MAT-171.


College Physics: A Strategic Approach Technology Update, 3rd Edition
Randall D. Knight, Brian Jones, and Stuart Field
Package (ISBN 9780134167831) Contains:
 Student Workbooks, and
MasteringPhysics Access Card

Topics Covered

  1. Representing Motion
  2. Motion in One Dimension
  3. Vectors and Motion in Two Dimensions
  4. Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion
  5. Applying Newton’s Laws
  6. Circular Motion, Orbits, and Gravity
  7. Rotational Motion
  8. Equilibrium and Elasticity
  9. Momentum
  10. Energy and Work
  11. Using Energy
  12. Thermal Properties of Matter
  13. Fluids
  14. Oscillations
  15. Traveling Waves and Sound
  16. Superposition and Standing Waves