Erie Community College



Mike Daub

Previous Courses

MT-003: Pre-Algebra Review

A developmental course designed to give a brief overview of arithmetic skills and to prepare students for elementary algebra. Topics will include: whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios & proportions, percents, integers, simple linear equations, and basic calculator skills. Word problems will be related to each topic.

MT-112: Survey of Mathematics

A one-semester course whose objective is to further develop an interest in mathematics. This course will consist of at least five topics, including sets, logic, probability, statistics and at least one topic from the following: consumer finance, geometry, game theory, mathematical systems, systems of numeration, graph theory, voting and apportionment, and linear programming. The history of mathematics will be integrated throughout all topics. Students will be expected to use elementary algebra skills in solving problems.

MT-121: Technical Mathematics I

The first course in a two-semester sequence of intermediate algebra and trigonometry with technical applications. Topics included are: The trigonometry functions, vectors, units of measurement and approximate numbers, fundamental concepts of algebra, functions and graphs, systems of linear equations, determinants, factoring and fractions, quadratics, basic operations with complex numbers, and geometry (areas and perimeters of common plane figures, volumes and surface areas of common solids). The scientific calculator will be used throughout the course.

MT-125: College Mathematics I

The first course in a two-semester sequence of college algebra and trigonometry. The sequence is preparatory for an introductory or survey level of calculus. Basic Algebra skills are reviewed and extended. Functions, in general, and their inverses are studied along with the properties, graphs and transformations of linear, quadratic absolute value, radical rational, logarithmic and exponential functions. Equations of the above functions as well as linear systems of equations and linear and absolute value inequalities are solved. Related application problems are incorporated throughout.

MT-175: Survey of Calculus I

Primarily designed for the non-engineering student who desires or requires calculus as a tool. This may include Liberal Arts, Business, Pre-Med, Pre-Pharmacy, Computer Information Systems, and others. Topics include the limit, continuity and differentiability of algebraic functions; maxima and minima; introduction to integration; exponential and logarithmic functions and their differentiation and integration, and applications of differentiation and integration.

MT-176: Survey of Calculus II

Continuation of MT 175. Topics include differentiation and integration of trigonometric functions, other techniques of integration, improper integrals, functions of several variables, introduction to differential equations and applications of calculus to the theory of probability. The optional topic involves Taylor polynomials and infinite series.